Bhag Amina Bhag – An uplifting tale of a sportswoman

First aired: January 3 2011, Beamed at: Geo

Cast: Aamina Sheikh, Shehroze Sabzwari, Paras Masroor, Rashid Farooqui and Lubna Aslam

Writer: Farah Usman, Director: Yasir Nawaz

When I had first watched Iqbal (2005) and Chak De (2007), Indian films that had sports people as their protagonists, I really wanted us to come up with such inspirational stories, for I knew that we have a treasure trove of such tales its just that we need the writers and directors to come together and bring it to the screen. Thus Bhag Amina Bhag filled the gap albeit not on the silver screen but in the telefilm format on the small screen. The story is inspired by the true story of Naseem Hameed, when she became the fastest woman in South Asia by winning the gold medal for the 100 metre event in South Asian Federation Games in Dhaka, Bangladesh on February 9, 2010.

Amina (Aamina Sheikh) is the only daughter of her lower-middle class parents along with three brothers. She goes to a government school but is often late as she is literally running around to finish her errands or running after a bus to give her absent-minded brother Majid his admit card for entrance at the examination centre. Keen on sports, her family discourages her as they want her to be like a regular girl: get married, have kids and basically destroy her life at the altar of sacrifice and servitude. However she has a confidante, a limping orphan kid Haris (an uncharismatic Shehzore Sabzwari, son of the charismatic and highly competent actor Behroze Sabzwari) who encourages her to achieve her goals.

Soon she becomes a national champion but her brother ( Napa-trained actor Paras Masroor) throws a shit-fit, resulting in her mother Amma (Lubna Aslam, an actress who is finally getting out of the ‘educated’ and sophisticated roles that she was doomed to play) and Aamina walking out. Predictably she goes on to win international accolades and even her brother and father Abba (Rashid Farooqi, well-acted as usual) who were against her initially come round and celebrate her victory.

The success of any actor in any role, however minor it is, is that they connect with the viewers and Aamina Sheikh does that quite well in Bhag Amina Bhag. She is convincing and endearing as a government-going school girl, who has ambitions higher than she is allowed to.

Memorable dialogues: “ladki hai yah rocket” , “kuch din guzar jaa nay day ab toh hawa par bhi tax lajayayga”


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