“Rise of Jazba” – A cricket anthem for cricket lovers or jazz mobilink lovers?

Lyrics and composition: Ali Zafar

Director: Asad U Haq

Typically the 2011 Pakistani cricket anthem has been geared towards the youth and so the song begins with teen kid 1 saying to his friend in an empty cricket stadium, “Is dafa bhi aisa hi hoga,” referencing our 1992 World Cup. But then this kid’s skeptic friend says that it aint happening and then teen kid one saying how did we do it back then. Walks in an old wizened pitch-maker who utters a nationalistic dialogue full of mitti and jazba. Then Ali Zafar softly croons,

Naye Iradain, Nayee Umangain, Nayay Taraanay, Nayee Manzilain Chalay Hai Paanay….Nayay Hai Jazbay

Basically he is saying that everything we do should be new and nayay. Then oddly he sends in an sms to his friends (gals in the first shot) which is : Such Jazba!

Catchy dhol and matka beats begin and he begins to sing in his normal voice:

Jazba choo jaanay ka,

Jazba Badh jaanay Ka,

Kuch Aazmanay Ka,

Dil Ko dhadkaanay Ka…

Yeh Mera Jazba,

Hai Such Jazba,

Aagay Say Hatja,

Hamain Apni Aag Bhujaanee Hai

The teeny-bopper crowd then is running on the streets with the Jhanda (flag). His voice then builds up the momentum and Ali Zafar sings,

“Aagay Aagay Chal,

Hum Peechay Hain Khaday,

Mushkilain hongee Hal (is that a reference to Pakistan Cricket Board and its goof-ups?),

Koi Kuch Bhi Kahay, Aaingay Woh Din Duniya Main Chaa Jayengay…”

Shoaib Akhtar and Shahid Afridi make an appearance with their green coats and grins. More lyrics, flag waving, then the teen kid one gives a pep talk to Shahid,“Shahid Bhai, is mitti ka jazba qaim rakhna,” Mitti is given to shahid who holds it in his fist (wow a literal twist, nothing symbolic) and he looks at his cellphone, waves and fireworks in the background as he walks towards the stadium.

The next scene shows Shahid sitting quietly in his dressing room with the mitti and in the background we hear a spooky voice saying, “Ai Jazba Junoon Har cheez muqabil aajayay,” ( this by the way was a hugely popular ghazal sung by Nayyara noor back in the 1990s). Shahid is all geared up and Ali Zafar’s singing tempo becomes faster along with the music. It becomes catchier and foot-tapping. As he is walking, Shoaib Akhtar, who btw has had an image makeover that includes a fair and lovely complexion, short hair and weight loss, walks behind Shahid. And tah-dah the song ends.

So am I rooting for my team because of this anthem, I don’t think so….

The good parts:

  • Ali Zafar is nowhere to be seen, too often the singer overshadows the song especially in anthems
  • Decent lyrics
  • Slick greenish-hued video
  • Dholak beats

The w-t-f part:

Such Jazba, sms and in the lyrics- must we plug-in the brand and its package so obviously and that too in a cricket anthem, yes we know that you guys gave the dough but can’t that fact be under the table

Previous World Cup songs:

Hai Koi Hum Jaisa- Strings

All I can remember is the chorus Hai Ho Hai Ho Hai Hoa Allay Ho Allay Ho! A cross between west indians drums and african beats, quite forgettable.

Hamari Inteha e Shauq Kiya Hai- Hadiqa Kayani

Superb lyrics, beautiful composition sung like a black american gospel choir, but too serious for a cricket anthem which should also be fun and peppy.

Hai Jazba Junoon Toh Himmat Na Haar- Junoon

Shoddy video, but what a great song: lyrics and composition are all top-notch. You can almost hear the entire country singing with Ali Azmat when he croons the line, “Pakistan kabhi na bholo”.


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