Zip-Bus Chup Raho – Shaqielle Khan returns with yet another take on decadent urban lifestyle

First aired: 17 Jan, 2011

Beamed at: Geo, every Monday at 8 p.m.

Cast: Sakina Samoon, Ayesha Khan and Humayun Saeed

Writer: Irfan Ahmed Urfi

Director: Shaqielle Khan

Producers: 7th Sky Entertainment

Episodes 1-3

Ayesha Khan (Paro/Parveen) is the mother of 2 teenage kids who are spoilt rich brats.Their father mysteriously disappeared 8 years ago leaving a thriving factory but now that has gone to the dogs since the last 2 years. Paro secretly works as a high society escort (read tawaif) struggling to maintain her rich lifestyle but her kids Jibbi and Tabbi continue to up their demands (latest car, mobile, large villa etc) while she keeps fulfilling their demands. The title of the play should have been Kaash Har Ek Ki Maa Aisi Ho! (KHEKMAH)!!!! Her boss is a sheesha-smoking, kaftan-clad madame who goes by the name of Gypsy (yes you read that right) played by the otherwise accomplished actress Sakina Samoon but here she comes across as an aged hag who has had too much hash.

Uzair (Humayun Saeed) is initially shown this mysterious Dubai-based businessman who keeps calling up Paro to check up on her but then during the third episode we find out that he too is one of her clients only he thinks that she is exclusive to him. He is married and rich but a ‘nice’ guy as he would do anything to help out his ladylove. Paro requests Gypsy to arrange for a client who can help solve her debts and so she arranges for Haseeb (Noman) who is a slight crackpot but wants a companion and Paro is willing to oblige.

In the mean time there are three young guys Sameer, Amir and Asher, who live in the same apartment building as Paro and her kids. The neighbour kids are most curious about Paro and one of them keeps a check on her comings and goings. They are short on money so they rent out their room to a suave chap Ra’ed (Mohib Mirza) who soon befriends Tabbi, Paro’s daughter. His room mates are convinced that for Ra’ed, Tabbi is a stepping stone to Paro.

Ayesha Khan who recently played a mother to three kids in Mehreen Jabbar’s serial Visaal, even though she looks quite young does a commendable job in Zip-Bus Chup Raho, whereas in Lamha Lamha Zindagi which is a serial that is currently on air at ARY Digital, she is annoying as a coy, romantic girl as she has done these kind of roles to death.

The director Shaqielle Khan is known for the popular serial on TV one last year, Band Khirkiyoun Kay Peechay, loosely based on Desperate Housewives. The serial captured the shenanigans of rich married aunties yet it was stereotypical (smoking, drinking, affairs, parties etc) and one-dimensional. Similarly Zip-Bus Chup Raho, falls into the same trap and even though the serial is not ground-breaking yet it is quite fun to watch, some terrific dialogues I must add and this could soon fall into the it-is-so-bad-that-it-is-so-good genre and so I am keeping tabs of this serial.


  • the ring tone when Gypsy calls: Hullo, koi hai koi hai koi toh hoga

Yaadgaar dialogues:

“woh emotionally retarded hai aur tum emotionally retired”

“Tum ek buri achchi aurat ho aur main ek achchi buri aurat”

“kaun bhediya nahi hota andar say ”


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