ZIP-Bus Chup Raho-episodes4-6;Shaqielle returns with another snapshot of decadent urban lifestyle

First aired: 17 Jan, 2011

Beamed at: Geo

Cast: Sakina Samoon, Ayesha Khan, Humayun Saeed, Noman Masood, Natasha Saleem, Mohib Mirza and Nazli Soomro

Writer: Irfan Ahmed Urfi

Director: Shaqielle Khan

Producer: 7th Sky Entertainment

Episodes 4-6



Jibby’s g.f. car has been snatched when he takes it on a spin. His g.f. Liza (Natasha Saleem) goes ballistic since custom duty of the car itself is 48 lakhs and the g.f. wants him to pay back. Ayesha Khan does well in the scene when she gives it to her son, and asks him to get out but her son Jibby starts whining and crying. The actor playing Jibby is pathetic and when he is crying you feel like strangling as he is so irritating. Raed (Mohib Mirza), the new neighbour comes over to find out the cause of the pandemonium and plays the act of helpful neighbor.

Uzair’s (Humayun Saeed who is smitten by Paro) friend tries to convince him not to blow away his assets by spending on Paro upsetting Uzair who is defiant that he will help her. Gypsy goes over to meet Haseeb Durrani (Noman Masood), a regular client of Paro to ask him to help out Paro in getting out of her latest mess. Paro goes to meet Liza’s father, Asad to apologise and to find out how she can compensate but Asad says its fine cuz the car was insured. Jibby feels insulted that his mother went over to apologise to Liza’s father and gives this spiel on baday log and plans to show these baday log! because his friends have dumped him he is v depressed and talks about bada chota and talks suicidal.

One everning Paro goes ballistic when she sees her daughter Tabby’s made-up face and wants her to wipe out the make up from her face, thus reinforcing the stereotype that over dressed women are basically prostitutes.

Raed starts to drop Tabby to her college everyday. Raed’s room-mates are jealous that he has made headway with their wayward neighbors. The boys represent the wagging tongues  of a society when they utter things like Paro’s hubby was a sharif man and he got sick of her antics and that is why he probably left her. Or that she must have knocked out her husband, had the car disappeared because this is a woman who is out of control. But Raed stands up for the women saying that no matter what their source of income and lifestyle as long as it doesn’t affect their source of income they shouldn’t care.

Tabby’s exam results are out and she gets a D grade and is very upset about it and blames her ghar ka disturbed mahoul. She tells all this to Raed when he picks her up from college. Raed is kind enough to offer her tuitions to help improve her grades. Jibby tries to kill himself but he is found just in time and is taken to the hospital by Paro and Raed. Mohib Mirza who is acting the role of Raed has left such a strong impression in his negative performances (Mera Saeein, Dil-e-Nadaan) that his positive character is a bit hard to digest.
Jibby is disheartened that his friends don’t even come to meet him in the hospital.

Gypsy drops by to meet Jibby in the hospital and thank goodness is dressed like a normal woman and not in her outlandish drag outfit. Paro wants her daughter to go in a cab to college but then her daughter shocks her when says that to go with a new man in the morning in the cab and then come back with another man in evening cannot be right! And so Paro lets her come and go with Raed.

In one of the episodes, there is entrance of a much-slimmer Nazli Soomro as Munazza Rameez. Gypsy with her black claws (literally! i kid you not) meets her in a hotel lobby and munazza this gullible being falls to Gypsy’s charms. They both agree to meet in the same “bazaar”. Munazza then tells Gypsy that she is unhappy with her married life, her husband is filthy rich but doesn’t have a big heart and that is why she all she can do is window shopping at malls.

The Bizarre Parts:

If Haseeb is so high-class then why does he say thanks god! ugh

Haseeb crudely gives money to Paro without any delicacy so if he is being sensitive then it is a very insensitive thing to do.

Yaadgaar Lines:

  • jo phoonk liya so phoonk liya, sab dhuaan uda do, dam maro dum
  • adults ka matlab nahi kay irresponsible bhi ho jayay
  • agar tum nay kisi shah kharch mard ka ishq nahi experience nahi kiya toh tum nay aurat hona experience nahi kiya
  • mujhay aisee chidiya say sakht chid hai jisay yeh bhi nahi pata uskay par kaat diyay gayay hain
  • baday baday ilakoun yeh vahan kay rehnay valoun pay parda daal daytay hain

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