Should Meera trust Geo?

Ah so impressed are we by the Indians that Geo is running promos of a new reality show of Meera’s quest for her prince charming, clearly inspired by Swayamwar in which the foot-in-the-mouth diseased dancer Rakhi Sawant was seeing doing the same back in 2009. She did settle for an NRI businessman but nothing came of it (unsurprisingly) and Rakhi is still single and ready to mingle.

Meera’s new reality show Kaun Banega Meera Pati is interesting considering the fact that not so recently she was embroiled in a controversy when a Faisalabadi man Atiquur Rehman claimed her as his wife while she denied it all along. It then became a free-for-all in the media, where atrocious-english speaking anchorpersons ridiculed Meera’s smses in english to Atiq, and once caught her off-guard while begging a shady white-suited reporter (never seen before in Geo) to understand her point of view etc. It was most upsetting to watch her, a woman, being harassed in such a disgusting manner by the electronic media manipulating her to get maximum TRPs.

Now Meera in her promos of her show, decked up in a red and gold outfit and gold jewelry is asking potential male suitors to participate in the show hoping that she finds a man who values her as a person and not as a film-star. Geo the channel that is behind Kaun Banega Meera Pati show, was the channel that was in the forefront of shamelessly publicising her alleged marriage with Aqeel. Geo is known for its deceitfulness but can Meera really trust it to be fair to her this time?

Here is the promo of the show for those who are interested:


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