Kaun Banega Meera Pati – Shadow, voice, anything but not as Meera’s husband – episode 1

First aired – May 19, Thursday

Beamed at – Geo (every Thursday and Friday)

Cast – Meera and 10 alleged Meera-struck fans

Meera’s new programme of her quest of finding her husband began on May 19 titled Kaun Banega Meera Pati on Geo. The host Ali Safina (VJ at Aag and currently host of Milk Sheikh and Hun Das) claimed that this was a unique show never shown on television.

Meera’s quest to find a hubby brought to mind all kinds of weird dulhan titles: kunwari dulhan, dulhan banoon main teri etc etc. The set was large and glitzy. Meera made her entrance in a doli with awful dancers with the song “chan ke mohalla”, playing in the background. She emerged wearing an extreme bling outfit. She was all glammed up as if she would sign the nikahnama then and there. Btw the show is a slap to that jerk Ateeq who claimed to be her husband and then went on all TV channels and said all terrible and unmentionable things about her. So maybe this is a middle oongli to him and the likes out there by Meera, who knows?

  1. Mehran Khan Durrani was the 1st candidate. He loves Hollywood movies, has done his MBA with specialization in Human Resources and event management is his passion, entered in a suit, spouting verses, very sweet and gadha.
  1. Shahid Khan was the second chap. He is from Lahore, teaches English, loves poetry, 27 yrs, loves boxing and swimming, hairy chest, wants to be the voice of Meera! Shahid boxer gave a maryal rose to Meeraji. The liar said he had never given rose to a girl. He wore a fanta silky shirt, fanta tie and black suit.
  1. Next Meera’s potential candidate was guy named Abdul Ghani. Had long curly hair, and is a dance teacher.
  1. Meera’s next: Aamir Sohail came from Hyderabad. Is an amateur cricketer. According to him “movies bhi dekh layta houn, jaisay kay main saans lay layta houn.
  1. Tanzil Abbas, the next aspirant and a Karachi dude said that Meera was his dream girl. He designs tuxedo suiting. (chalo ji inki toh dulha bannay ki tayyari hogai). Tanzil tux is not bad looking vaisay, for honeymoon he wants 2 take her to phuket island in Thailand.
  1. Next hopeful was Waseem Rustam from Karachi. He is an interior designer, loves gymming, said that Meera was his ideal and he loved her. Looked sweet and bonga. Meera warned him that he needed to work hard as competition was tough.
  1. After him the contender was a Zahid Shaukat, from Lahore, restaurant manager, loves sufyana kalam, wants to be saya (shadow) of Meera and see the world with her. Hope he is not a stalker…
  1. Next hopeful was Najeeb, a landlord from Jafarabad in Balochistan. He wants to take Meera’s hand to start a new life. Very shyly gave a rose to Meera.
  1. Next seeker was a 24 year old Mohammad Waqas. He is a musician, “just love games, just love my family.” He came in with his guitar, and said that he saw his favourite  on wall papers and now she was in front of him. He was v eager, gave her a rose by going down his knee. Has an awful squeaky voice.
  1. Last guy was Shahmir from Karachi. He is a teacher and became a fan of Meera after watching her film Chief Sahab. He professed his love for her while Meera icily said thank you for coming.

Throughout the first episode Meera looked bored and the host Ali Safina was quite thanda. Three to four contestants are from Karachi. Have yet to see more episodes of the show before I make any judgment. All I am asking is for an entertaining show and I hope that is not too much to ask.

Kaun Banega Meera pati airs today at 9 pm on Geo


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