Mehreen Jabbar’s new tv serial is slow and predictable



First episode aired on: June 24, 2011

Aired: every Friday at 8 p.m.


Cast: Ahsan Khan, Mahira Khan, Deepti Gupta and Humayun Saeed

Writer: Larry Pontius

Director: Mehreen Jabbar

The better parts:

  • Mahira Khan, the VJ and cast member of the over-rated and box-office hit film Bol makes an impressive tv debut with Neeyat.
  • Ahsan Khan, no relation to Mahira, who has been in the acting business for quite some time now, is maturing with each Mehreen play. He was previously seen in the sensitively presented drama serial,Vasal, directed by Mehreen.

The predictable parts:

  • The camerawork is all yellowy-greenish tinged, shot in New York, which has been the location scene for most of Mehreen’s serials.
  • The story even though has probably not been attempted before in local television seems very predictable. A new york based Pakistani guy, who has visas issues, and his fiancée offer to pay a random American-indian origin actress to get married to the guy so that they both can divorce each other and the guy can get his green card and not be deported and he can then get married to his fiancée. One can already sense that this proposition is not going to work out cuz either the fake wife will get too close to the guy making the fiancée super-jealous or the actress will create hell for both of them.
  • Humayun Saeed’s face is like everywhere and he should take a break from the television screen and concentrate on something else like NOT ACTING. It’s not just the ubiquity of his presence but the fact that he tries hard to act but all he comes across is jaded and tired.
  • Deepti Gupta; she too has become a constant fixture in Mehreen’s serials and just because Mehreen’s serials are based in New York and Deepti lives there doesn’t mean she has to be cast every time. Deepti is quite a good actress but I am going to gag if I see her in one of more of Mehreen’sNew yorkserials


Neeyat episode 1



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