Hottest new dramas for Sept- Maat and Maiee nee

Maaye Ni

Cast: Samiya Mumtaz, Fahad Mustafa, Abid Ali, Aiza Khan, Sami Khan, Faisal Qureshi and Ismat Zaidi

Writer: Maha Malik

Director: Babar Javed

Broadcasting channel: ARY Digital

Telecast times: Every Saturday at 8 p.m.

First episode telecast: September 10, 2011

From the house of A and B productions, comes a tear-jerker drama with their new favourite crying queen Samiya Mumtaz as Sahiba. Married to Faisal Qureshi who is a loving and caring husband, they are both parents of a son named Huzaifa whom they adore. For reasons not so far revealed to the viewers, Sahiba loses her first husband and marries a heartless man by the name of Sohail (Abid Ali) who also has two kids from a previous marriage. Huzaifa was sent away by his step father to a boarding school and so Sahiba has not been able to have a normal relationship with her real son. Huzaifa enacted by Fahad Mustafa, is now all grown up, with a job and his own apartment is about to get married when the serial begins. His mother Sahiba is overjoyed with the new beginning of her son’s journey and subsequently decides to spend the rest of her life with Huzaifa and his wife.

Not happy with this changing scenario are her husband and Huzaifa’s wife who is not too keen on having a mum in law standing on her head. Also the step kids are not keen that their mum abandons them for her real son as they are quite close to her. With shades of the hugely successful melodramatic Meri Zaat Zarra e Benishan in which Samiya cried buckets of tears, this one too looks like an ode to the self-sacrificing patient mother and promises lots of emotions with many a twist and turn.

So far two episodes have been telecast, missed episodes can either be seen on you tube or on the drama’s Facebook page.


Cast: Aamina Sheikh, Saba Qamar, Adnan Siddiqui, Shamim Hilali and Rabia Noreen

Writer: Umera Ahmed

Director: Amna Nawaz Khan

Broadcasting channel: Hum TV

Telecast times: Every Friday at 8 p.m.

First telecast: September 9, 2011

The prolific novelist and drama writer Umera Ahmed has written a new serial Maat with her typical style of social message centered around middle class households. This time the message is conveyed through two sisters who are diametrically opposite to each other in every respect. Aiman, essayed by Aamina Sheikh whose face on TV is now becoming as common as Humayun Saeed, is plain-looking, hard-working, compromising, responsible, contented individual whereas Saman, enacted by Saba Qamar, a confident beautiful woman but who looks old to play a college girl, is the pretty, easy-going, selfish, materialistic person.

The male protagonist Faisal played by Adnan Siddiqui, is the girls’ first cousin and their mothers have decided that Aiman and Faisal will get married to each other once Aiman is done with her college but Faisal throws a bombshell at his mother played by Shamim Hilali when he reveals to her that he actually wants to marry Saman. Episode 2 which has so far been telecast centered around the dilemma faced by Faisal’s mother who is put in a very difficult position when she has to tell her sister that her son does not want to marry the eldest but the youngest sister.

The acting in Maat is top-notch with the senior and junior actors bringing their best to the screen and this drama promises to be a riveting watch. Missed episodes can be seen on you tube or on the drama’s facebook page



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