“Ali Azmat is a sufi fraud”

Talk show: VIP Lounge

Channel broadcasted: Aag TV

Year of telecast: 2010

Host: Juggan Kazim

If anyone is interested in seeing the U-turn of Ali Azmat of the Junoon band fame, that created arguably the best rock music in Pakistan and which pioneered sufi rock, then VIP Lounge, a celebrity talk show hosted by actor and model Juggan Kazim March 26 episode is the one to watch. Interestingly it wasn’t Juggan who grilled Ali on his turnaround but another firebrand guest, actor and host Nadia Jamil.  Ali passionately defended Zaid Hamid, a political commentator who believes that the Raw-US-Zionist triangle is hell-bent on wrecking Pakistan and that one day Pakistan will conquer Hindustan (India) to establish the Islamic Caliphate.

Anyway Ali accused Nadia and people like her for watching only five minutes of Zaid on the telly and making half-baked judgements. Nadia refused this accusation and said that as far as she is concerned she had watched quite a few episodes from start to finish and had then come to the conclusion that Zaid was a hate mongerer who suffered from a persecution complex and mislead people. She called Ali a sufi fraud as at one point of his music career he was singing of brotherhood and love in India and now he was talking about Hindu Zionism! Indeed it is depressing to see the descent of Ali in this manner as now all he talks about Hindus and Zionists are desperately trying to wreck the country. He is seen in Imran Khan’s rallies espousing the same thoughts and making songs that revolve around US having overtaken Pakistan such as Bumphatta.

Here are the clips from the show, just ignore the stupid DJ at the bar:





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