Maat’s inherent message is inaccurate – Money does buy you happiness

Aamina Sheikh, Rabia Noreen and Saba Qamar in Maat


Cast: Aamina Sheikh, Saba Qamar, Adnan Siddiqui, Shamim Hilali and Rabia Noreen

Writer: Umera Ahmed
Director: Amna Nawaz Khan

Broadcasting channel: Hum TV

Telecast times: Every Friday at 8 p.m.

First telecast: September 9, 2011

Umera Ahmed's latest serial Maat pits her usual good vs bad formula. 
This time it is through two sisters who represent two sides of the coin.
Aiman (Aamina Sheikh) is the goody two shoes sister who is content with 
whatever life has offered, which is the lower-middle class existence. 
She is the one who runs the kitchen by teaching in a school and giving tuitions. 
Needless to say Aiman is the clichéd model of sacrifice, chastity and obedience

The other side of the coin is represented by the sister Saman who is beautiful 
but is a discontented Lil' bitch. She wants to move out of her confined neighbourhood 
and dreams of the good life which can only happen with pots of money. 
Needless to say Saman is materialistic, selfish and a flirt. 

This premise-that money cannot buy happiness-is flawed and simplistic. 
For the writer does not acknowledge the fact that money does 
indeed buy happiness, more specifically material goods does give immense pleasure. 
Bo Derek the infamous american actress uttered these prescient words 
once upon a time: "Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't
know where to go shopping". You would be lying if you denied the fact 
that when you bought an expensive lawn suit or a pricey cellphone or a
gorgeous looking laptop that it didn't bring you happiness. 

In fact most of us daydream about buying that coveted item and when it 
is in our hands or possession, that feeling is indescribable 
and we go through a range of emotions and none of it is negative.

In fact according to the study, published in the Journal of Psychology and Marketing (U.S),
 "Retail therapy purchases were overwhelmingly beneficial, leading to 
mood boosts and no regrets or guilt." Researchers interviewed hundreds
of people at shopping centres and found out that 62 per cent had bought something to cheer themselves up while 28 per cent said they 
had indulged as a form of celebration. 

This reminds me of the pertinent movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, in which 
the central character Rebecca Bloomwood says, "A man will never love you or 
treat you as well as a store. If a man doesn't fit, you can't exchange him 
seven days later for a gorgeous cashmere sweater. And a store always smells good. 
A store can awaken a lust for things you never even knew you needed. 
And when your fingers first grasp those shiny, new bags... oh yes... oh yes."

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