Mujhay Roothnay Na Daina – sensitive issue tackled well

Cast: Komal Rizvi, Junaid Khan, Babrik Shah, Aiman Tariq and Rubina Ashraf 

Writer: Farhat Abdullah 

Director: Aabis Raza 

Broadcasting channel: Hum TV

Telecast times: Monday to Wednesday at 8 p.m.

First telecast: September 5, 2011 

In a refreshing take on themes, Mujhay Roothnay Na Daina (MRND),
a television soap explored incest, a highly taboo subject. 
The sexually abused victim Sofia (Aiman Tariq) is one of the 
three daughters of Nafeesa (Rubina Ashraf), who keeps a 
tight grip over her daughters so that they don’t turn astray. 
But there is only so much one can really control for one 
has no control over external circumstances, as in the case of Sofia. 
She is the doting niece of her aunt and uncle who are childless 
and who shower all their affection on her. But it is Sofia’s uncle, 
in fact her mother’s sister’s husband, who is the abuser. 
And that is a pertinent point raised in the soap that 
sexual offenders are mostly family members. Hence 
that is why the victims are often confused when
the family member touches them inappropriately. 
Because the abusers are manipulative they use tactics 
such as bribery, threats to intimidate and silence them. 
The fact that her uncle is shown as this very likeable 
person and hence highly unlikely to be the abuser, 
made the drama authentic. The director Aabis Raza 
handled the scenes well especially when Sofia goes to 
stay with her uncle and aunt and she recalls her days 
of abuse as a child and when her aunt finally finds out 
what is really happening between the two. 

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