When Pakistani singers became actors – Fawad Khan and Arif Lohar


Fawad Khan, the actor, hit the jackpot when his recently concluded serial Humsafar became an unprecedented hit. According to Hum TV insiders its average rating was 9.2, a humungous number by TV standards. But it seems that some of his fans are unaware that he is primarily a singer and was associated with the band EP. Here we look at other Pakistani singers who ventured into acting be it TV or films.


Arif Lohar in Musulman:

Arif Lohar, the super-talented Punjabi folk singer and for those disconnected Pakistanis yes he is the same dude who sang Ek Chambay Di Booti with Meesha Shafi in Coke Studio, has also had his shares of experiments in Pakistani films. In Musulman he is mostly a happy-go-lucky sardar who loves to sing. A role right up his alley.

youtube link to song Jhumka featuring Arif Lohar in film Musulman:


Arif Lohar in Zindagi

Here Lohar is a poor musician trying to get a break in the unknown big city.

youtube link to a scene from Zindagi:


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