Watching Quddusi Saheb ki Bewa-episode 3, can drastically improve your Urdu



Timings: Every Friday at 8 pm


First broadcast on: February 10, 2012


Hina Dilpazeer Khan as Badrika Jehan/Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewa/Rooh Afza/Bengali Baji


Shehnaz Parvez as Khajista Jehan, desperate to get married but her mother wont let her


Badar Khalil as Aqeela bhabhi, a stinky matchmaker gossip khala and a vege robber!


Uroosa Siddiqui as Shagufta Jehan, a hysterical laughing maniac


Waqar Hussain as Wudud Ahmed, only son and feels trapped in a male’s body




Daer aye durust aye

Better late than never


Janam kay aandhay

Naam nahi such

a blind wouldn’t know

what happiness is


Ullo ko ullo jaanay

only a shrewd would know

another shrewd person


Kawa chadha baithee misrani

Ghar main na anaaj na paani

Even though there is nothing to cook at home

But the stove has been switched on


Aankhoun main dhool jholna

To betray someone


Rang ralliyaan manana


Kamar main choori ghonpna

Stab someone in the back

Raiwadh ko khula chodna

Leaving the cattle free


aankh dekhay makhkhi

kaun niglega

Who would deliberately

Buy a faulty thing




I aym tawantee faur [24] awnlee tawantee faur!


I dawnt maind



Antiquated words:


farbandaam: bountiful




tan badan main aag: burning up


rupalli: money


aahazari: grief-stricken


tehes nehes: destroyed


paash paash hona: wrecked


aag lagay toh lagay: let people get jealous


pingoray: cradle


jhooti lapadan: liar


beheshtan maan: my mother in heavan


uchaal chakka: scoundrel



Words/phrases coined:


badi allama bani hai: acting really highly educated


Chaawal raj ke khana: eating rice with great relish


Chail chabeli naar:


Shaitani charkha: Telephone


Bayghairti ki bakwaas: sleazy rubbish


Neechay ilakay ki paydawaar: low caste harvest


Choohay kay gharwalay: kith and kin of rats


Laanat hai umrain vali chinaroun par: curse on sluts who hide their ages


Ham palla khandaan: family of equal status


Matakti thirakti aa mari hai yahan: swaying and twirling has come dying here


Teri kya mayya mar gayee hai: Has your mother died?


Shab-e-barat kay patakhay say us ka moonh jal ho gaya hoga: His face must have got burnt by crackers in shab e barat that is why it is so dark


Paidashee gharib: poor since birth




Mehndi Hai Rachni wali

Singer: Alka Yagnik

Picturised on: Farida Jalal and Karishma Kapoor

Film: Earth

Original song link:


Ab yahan koi nahi aayega

Singer: Noorjehan

Picturised on: Nayyar Sultana

Film: Baji

Original song link:



Cultural artefacts/references in terms of furniture and clothing:

White gao takiya

Silver surmadaan

Silver ughaldaan

Old model radio


White gharara


Antique telephone


Links for episode 3:




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