Best romantic scenes in Pakistani dramas (with clips)

I don’t know about you guys but I found the romance between Aabi and Haniya in the recently concluded drama serial Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu (Hum TV) unconvincing, cheesy and outrageously funny. If the scenes between the newly married couple are supposed to bring a smile to one’s face unfortunately all it brings is loud guffaws. For instance in episode 11, Aabi and Haniya buy each other T-shirts printed with “I’m crazy about you” and they looked ridiculous and childish. Adeel Hussain as Aabi was awkward in some of the scenes, it felt like he was romancing his little sister! And Sarwat Gilani as Haniya despite the passage of 11 episodes was still stunned by Aabi’s passionate love for her. One wanted to slap her and tell her yes he digs you very much and could you please now reciprocate. Chemistry, the key ingredient between the couple was simply missing.

Frankly, I have seen some truly terrific romantic scenes on Pakistani television. They have been subtle, not necessarily conventional and made some cynics like us root for the couple even if they are doomed. Here is a highly subjective pick of the 13 best romantic scenes from Pakistani dramas.


Many a real-life romance has been initiated in that underestimated vehicle-the chamakti-dhamakti Pakistani bus. And thus Balaj and Shahtaj’s first meeting takes place in that humble vehicle, when Balaj (Noman Ejaz) belonging to the rival tribe asks for a lift as he is stranded in the middle of a desert when his Pajero breaks down. Shahtaj (Atiqa Odho) and her female relatives are enroute to a wedding in the bus and Shahtaj convinces her grandmother to give a lift to Balaj even if he belongs to the rival tribe. With virtually no dialogue between the two, they just exchange quiet smoldering glances, Balaj watching her from the bus’s rearview mirror and Shahtaj looking on him from her seat through the curtain. Noman Ejaz looks regal with white turban and his handlebar mustache and Atiqa Odho also is a vision of loveliness attired mostly in Baloch fashion. The chemistry between the two was palpable during the entire serial. Throughout its broadcast, girls went berserk over Noman and guys just couldn’t stop gushing over Atiqa. Very similar to the frenzy the lead couple of Humsafar caused recently. The drama which proudly displayed Baloch traditions, was memorable in terms of its dialogues, plot twists, superb acting, cinematography and music.

Watch from 4th min onwards


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