Getting married, SECOND time lucky?

“Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. 2nd marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.” – Samuel Johnson (English essayist and philosopher)

The surfacing of wedding pictures of TV director and actor Azfar Ali’s second conjugal relationship with VJ and TV actress Naveen Waqar (Humsafar, Annie Ki Aayegi Baraat) has created a furor of sorts on social media. Azfar (Sub Set Hai, Light On Hai) was previously married to fellow actress Salma Hasan, daughter of renowned architect Arif Hasan, with whom he has two kids.

Second time marriages are however not alien to T-town, here TVnama takes a look at other telly celebs who got lucky twice or maybe not so lucky even the second time round.

  1. Jamal Shah

The low-key actor and artist is happily settled second time round with Amna Shah, reportedly a former student at his HunerKada College of Visual and Performing Arts in Islamabad with whom he also has two children.

He was earlier married to actor, director, writer Feryal Gauhar, for quite a while and with whom he shared common interests. They had met each other when they were both studying at National College of Arts in Lahore. The demise of the relationship of this gorgeous and multi-faceted couple saddened their fans.

2.  Abid Ali

Abid Ali

The veteran TV actor and director Abid Ali got hitched to colleague Rabia Naureen in 2006. Earlier Abid Ali was married to actress and singer Humera Ali with whom he has three daughters. One of them is the well-known model, TV and film actress Iman Ali. It may of interest to avid drama watchers that Abid Ali’s ex wife sang several songs in the hit serial Dasht, that was produced and directed Abid Ali.

3.  Ayesha Sana

Wooden but pretty TV actress and former PTV morning show host Ayesha Sana was/is infamously married to PTV MD Yousuf Baig Mirza. Apparently Mirza was refusing to acknowledge his marital relationship with his wife, that drove Ayesha Sana up the wall and she held a press conference in which she spilled the beans. The relationship even produced a son to whom her second hubby refuses to give his appellation.

Ayesha Sana was earlier married when she was barely 15 years old. She has a son from this marriage.

4. Nadia Khan

Actress and former morning show host was hitched briefly but then found marital bliss second time around with a gentleman by the name of Khawar Iqbal with whom she has two children.

5. Noor

Apparently the film and TV actress, former morning-show host may not be second time lucky. Allegedly her second marriage to TV director Farooq Mengal, who directed her in telefilm Zainabay for Hum Telefilm festival, is in deep trouble, after a few months into their marriage. This was the second round for both.

Their earlier nuptials brought them much grief albeit for different reasons. Noor was married to a Dubai-based Indian businessman Vikram Bandani. She ended her marriage citing his refusal to convert to Islam. She even had a televised spat with him in Nadia Khan show on Geo that was seen by all and sundry.

Farooq Mengal was earlier married to TV director Afreen Baig, who was murdered by their driver and his wife. Mengal too spent some jail time but was acquitted due to lack of evidence.

6. Javed Sheikh

The charming and debonair TV and film actor and director Jawed Sheikh too has made a go at marriage twice. His first marriage was to model and actress Zeenat Manghi with whom he has two children. His handsome son Shahzad Sheikh is now becoming a fixture in drama serials.

Jawed Sheikh was later on briefly married to actress and singer Salma Agha, whom he met while working together in films.

Earlier a couple of years ago in the TV show Brunch with Bushra, Jawed Sheikh disclosed that he was reunited with his first wife, whom we are assuming he never divorced in the first place, thanks to the efforts of their daughter Moomal.

7. Saba Hameed

Saba Hameed

Versatile actress Saba Hameed is these days living a busy life with her second husband, Waseem Abbas, fellow actor.

She was earlier married to Syed Pervaiz Shafi and during her marriage she was known as Saba Pervaiz. She has two kids from this union, one of them Meesha Shafi is a model, singer and actress.


3 thoughts on “Getting married, SECOND time lucky?

  1. Woaah??!! Saba Hamid is divorced from Wasim abbas a couple of years back… It’s wrong & Javed Sheikh thing too he clearly said in the interview that he has divorced his first wife..
    Kindly check again..
    these both are divorced.

  2. Jamal shah u r my favuorit but ap ne faryal kp chor k is juuuun ko chuna h ghussa a raha h muje mery faryal k paon ki dhul b nai h ye masallan

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