6th best romantic scene in Pakistani dramas-Chand Grehan

Huma Nawab as Shehrbano in Chand Grehan

He is the son of a shady newspaper tycoon (played by Qazi Wajid, who is superb in this dishonest character) and she is the daughter of a soft-spoken peace-loving politician (played with beautiful restraint by Shafi Mohammad Shah). Both are attracted to each other but both also know that their relationship is not inevitable.

But the girl Shehrbano essayed superbly by the talented Huma Nawab, who it seems has disappeared from the face of the earth, pursues the guy Nasir (Ayaz Naik) with such confidence that one wants to go up to Nasir and tell him, “c’mon yaar give the gal a chance, will ya?” In this particular scene, Shehrbano confronts Nasir, a journalist, about his colleague Shireen (played by starlet Ruby Niazi who was on the verge of becoming Veena Malik but then vanished into thin air) who is also interested in him.

Nasir, a practical man, tells her that he couldn’t care less about her and also they don’t stand a chance. The romantic and idealistic Shehrbano isn’t the kind who would take No for an answer instead she tells him that he should give her a chance. Does he give her a chance? You probably know the answer if you remember the drama otherwise watch it in its entirety to not only know where their liaison heads but to also follow the shenanigans of some of the most memorable characters essayed in Pakistani dramas.


Watch from 2:40 onwards

p.s. for those living in Pakistan, youtube is no-show, otherwise DVDs and CDs of the drama is available


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