7th most romantic scene-Dastaan

Before Fawad Khan’s sizzling romancing skills came to full bloom in Humsafar (he will be also displaying those skills from November 16 onwards in Umera Ahmed’s new serial Zindagi Gulzar Hai) he first showcased them in the partition serial Dastaan, based on popular Urdu fiction writer Razia Butt’s novel.


As Hasan he quietly courts the reluctant Bano, played by Sanam Baloch. Dressed in white malmal kurta pajama he walks up to a brass water urn to wash his hands, but Bano informs him that the urn is empty. So like a dutiful kaneez/slavegirl, she pours water from an intricately etched silver jug while the badshah/king washes his hands. She asks him where was he all this time and he answers, “But I was only away for three days.” She asks him a couple of other irrelevant questions, irritated he tells her that do you want me to tell you want you really want to know. His beautiful young khala Suraiyya calls out to him and Bano hides behind a pillar.


He walks up to Suraiyya, Saba Qamar looking lovely in the traditional gota wala gharara, and tells her that he missed her a lot and her love has wrecked his nights. Suraiyya brushes him off, “you should say these things to your wife to be.” He laughs that laugh that drove girls nuts in Humsafar. Bano smiles away knowing that Hasan has said all these sweet things about her. Ah good ol-pre-Partition romance. Well-produced and well acted, this was Hum TV’s most successful serial of 2010.


2 thoughts on “7th most romantic scene-Dastaan

  1. I loved watching this drama. The pre partition story was heart touching and Hasan & Bano’s pure pre partition romance was a cheery on top. Honestly… this guy Fawad Khan can stop hearts with just the right look in his eyes *sigh* 😉

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