PTCL goes One Pound Fish style


Muhammad Shahid Nazir, who became hugely popular on YouTube after someone uploaded his video selling fish in Queens market in London by singing: Kamaan Peepal Have a Fish One Pound Fish, is currently being featured in a PTCL ad on TV.

The catchy ad which borrows the tune from One Pound Fish goes like this: Kamaan Peepal (C’mon People) , Kamaan Peepal, Have Land leenk(link), very sasta Leenk (very cheap link), ahlways chalta Leenk (always working link). The commercial aims to entice customers into reconnecting their closed land link connections by even giving them a sizeable discount. In this ad the One Pound Fish Man is seen in various avatars such as a chef, a call centre operator, an executive and each time he is surrounded by giggling youngsters.

The jingle is catchy, its tempo is fast and its lyrics are a mixture of English and Urdu, indicating that the ad is more rooted in contemporary times as this is how people are increasingly talking to each other.

Advertisers in Pakistan are increasingly using pop culture celebs to make their ad campaigns more memorable. PTCL used filmstar Reema in their previous ad campaign.

Even though I still have land link connection of PTCL and this ad is clearly not aimed at me but because of Shahid Nazir’s happy face, his sense of enjoying his moment before it goes away forever and the catchy tune makes me pause my remote every time his ad is shown on TV. And this ad I believe could one day be considered an iconic ad because of the above mentioned factors.

Link to the PTCL ad:


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