Mehmet Atish was the 2nd reason why we watched Manahil aur Khalil

Mehmet – rascal with a heart

Murat Daltaban as Mehmet Atish in Manahil aur Khalil

Murat Daltaban as Mehmet Atish in Manahil aur Khalil

I have to agree with my sibling when she says that Turkish soap operas dubbed in Urdu have showcased some of the best villains on our small screens. Case in point is Mehmet Aatish/Mithat Ates. He is the stepfather of Khalil who is initially shown as wanting to kill him to acquire his wealth and businesses.


Impeccably dressed in smart black suits, Mehmet (Murat Daltaban) is a suave and handsome gentleman villain. With his hands on his hips he is often seen cooking up plots against Khalil with his henchmen and barely running his business empire. But I digress management issues and the likes were not the focus of this soap opera.


Mehmat Atish-the gentleman villain

Mehmat Atish-the gentleman villain

The plot of Manahil aur Khalil suddenly takes a 180 degree turn when Khalil discovers that Mehmet is his actual father! Mehmet too goes on a massive guilt trip and tries to undo the damage by trying to reach out to Khalil, by being kind to his wife Manahil and helping out her sister-in-law Laila who gets in to trouble when some men kidnap her and upload her nude photos. But by then its too late and he too has to pay a heavy price especially in the last episode.


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