Moin Akhtar for beginners-Part 1

The following tweet ‏@aikuzair I wish our kids never ask us “Moin Akhtar kaun?” #remembering #MoinAkhtar on his second death anniversary got me thinking that not only the next generation but even eventually our own generation may barely remember the actor par excellence as time passes by, fickle are our memories. The actor who was more known more for his comedic skills dabbled in radio, stage, TV and films and explored a variety of genres be it drama, romance or humour. A gifted person he was also famous for his hosting skills be it at the grand Indian film variety shows or special television shows and transmissions.

So if you want to introduce your kids, friends, or just want to refresh your memories here are some moin akhtar performances to get you started. Here is the first part of Moin Akhtar for beginners.

1. Aangan Tehra

Moin Akhtar portrayed the role of a disheveled journalist looking for cheap accommodation since that was all he could afford on his meager salary. As a potential tenant he comes to meet Jehanara, the ill-tempered wife of a retired honest government servant Mehboob Ahmed, who is not at all welcoming of this potential journo-tenant since she reckons he will not be able to pay their rent.

Moin is superb in this brief performance as he is suitably frustrated yet dignified, disheveled with an unshaven beard and a cigarette on his lips but there is elegance to it. Moreover, he is a great complement to Jehanara’s loud and frustrated character played wonderfully by Bushra Ansari. Moin’s character of a desolate journalist in Aangan Tehra was reminiscent of the time when the press was heavily censored during Ziaul Haq’s regime in the 1980s. Many had been imprisoned or had gone into exile. One only opted for journalism if one was really committed to it because it paid so low and one had to work under severe restrictions.


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