Show brimming with nostalgia

Weekend with Raju Jamil


Saturday and Sunday

3 pm to 4 pm

A nostalgia based show helmed by the occasionally annoying host Raju Jamil but an eidetic person recalling dates and scenes of old Pakistani films. This Sunday his guest was the theatre and TV veteran actor Talat Hussain who emerged after a long undisclosed illness. Raju showed clips from the 2001 miniseries Traffik in which Talat Hussain plays the role of a drug dealer, a song picturised on a very youthful and handsome Talat Hussain in the 1970 classic movie Insan aur Aadmi and a clip from the same movie between Talat and Mohammad Ali. The two hour show was mostly fun to watch because Raju is well versed with the history of radio, TV and films and during his conversation was able to recall names of the greats who made institutions out of these three media. He even played a memorable clip from a PTV show celebrating 20 years of the channel in which the fantastic mimic, actor and host Moin Akhtar bantered with Talat and poked fun at his long pauses. Wish footage was of better quality but then it is not in Raju’s hands it is the responsibility of the cultural ministries at provincial and federal levels to restore these gems.


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