Sanam Saeed’s Ek Kasak Rah Gayee her weakest acting job so far

Directed by Dilawar Malik, Sanam Saeed is Paras, daughter of a maulvi who died when she was very young. After completing her education she joins an NGO, headed by Bia (Hina Bayat) who is quite fond of her. Paras lives with her sister and her mother (Naila Jaffrey) along with her religious minded taya, Javed Sheikh and his family.

Needless to say her uncle’s family objects to Paras working and keeping late hours. She does not pay attention to these objections and continues working and speaking where she feels her taya and his family are being unjust towards her family.

Meanwhile Bia’s brother, Shehryar played by Mikaal Zulfikar (he looks more like Hina Bayat’s son, anyway…) runs his own business and has a girlfriend Rania. Rania’s father is not happy with their relationship due to some inexplicable reason.

after a couple of episodes it is discovered that Shehryar has a kidney problem and unsurprisingly Paras is the perfect match to donate a kidney to him. Shehryar marries Paras leaving Rania devastated who attempts suicide and Shehryar then secretly marries her.

Frankly, the serial is badly directed, the roles are poorly sketched and is marred by half-hearted acting. Sanam as Paras is particularly unconvincing, from an outspoken, independent, clear-headed woman she becomes a passive, tolerant, dependent spouse which was quite off-putting. There is no chemistry between her and Mikaal, making her choice of working in Ek Kasak Rah Gayee as her weakest role so far.


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