5th best romantic scene in Pakistani dramas


A relationship is a two-way street and that is achieved between Sana and Faraz in Ankahi right at the end. Well, sort-of. Sana (Shehnaz Sheikh) is infatuated by her married boss Taimur (Shakeel), whose wife has been in a coma for several years. Everybody in her family tries to convince her that this is a bad deal but she remains unmoved by all the reasoning. Faraz (Javed Sheikh) who is madly in love with Sana even though she keeps spurning him and he keeps trying to sabotage her relationship with Taimur just doesn’t give up. In the last episode both Faraz and Sana go together to Taimur’s house to condole on his wife Abeer’s death. Faraz’s body language indicates that he has given up on the fact that Sana would ever return his feelings for him. He is sure that now that her path is clear and she will continue to pursue Taimur. But he makes one last desperate attempt.

As they are waiting for Taimur in his living room, Faraz gets up and tells Sana, “Jaanay aap say kab kaha tha, kay aap ko aisay insaan ki sakht zaroorat hai, jo aap ko yeh bata sakay kay suraj main abhi bhi roshni baqi hai … aaj bhi yehi kahoonga.” As the score of “Edelweiss Edelweiss, Every morning you greet me, small and white, clean and bright, you look happy to meet me, soars in the background” (The Sound of Music), the camera then shows Faraz slowly walking down the stairs towards his car. As he opens his car-door he gives one last look towards the house, hoping that Sana would appear. She doesn’t and he starts his car. Suddenly from his rear window he sees Sana coming down. She asks him, “jaa rahay thay aap? He replies, “vapsi ka safar itni takleefday hai, kay main soch raha tha kay main kya karoon.” Sana says, “aap ko toh apni mohabbat ki sadaqat pay yaqeen tha?” He says, “hai toh,” and then finally she says, “yaqeen kijiyeh is baar main kisi majboori ki tahat laut kay nahi aaiee houn, main nay khud apna raasta chun liya hai.” And this how love should be, free from any pressures, done willingly and reciprocated willingly.


Watch from 4th onwards

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Ankahi-The serial that spawned a thousand Sanas!

Writer: Hasina Moin

Directors: Syed Mohsin Ali and Shoaib Mansoor

Recently, for a couple of weeks at night me and my family sat down to watch Ankahi, the classic and insanely popular drama serial back in the 80s. Daughters born after 1982 were mostly named Sana, so famous the name of its heroine Sana Murad had become. While it brought much comic relief, I realised while watching it that 30 years ago when it was first broadcasted some of its themes are universally true even today:

  • A tenant who refuses to pay rent and move out of your house (played by the ahem-ahem thoii guy Siraj-Farooq Nizami)
  • Secretaries having affairs with their married bosses and who are not content being just their girl-friends. (Sana Murad and Taimur, in the serial Hasina Moin cleverly makes the boss’s wife Abeer to be comatose, thus in a way justifying the affair. This btw in Ziaul Haq’s time is subversive stuff)
  • A useless relative, present in most joint families, who could be in the guise of a chacha or a mamoo or a cousin, who has no career aspirations whatsoever except to give out free mashwaras/advice (acted superbly by late Salim Nasir as Maamoo)
  • Relatives who come from abroad finding everything too hot and too dirty in Pakistan (Mobi and Zakia, played by Behroze Sabzwari and Badar Khalil respectively)
  • The sacrificing lover (Timmy by late Jamshed Ansari)
  • The annoying and not getting-out-of-the-way lover who refuses to get the message (Faraz by Javed Sheikh)
  • A career woman who has to prove her domestic credentials in order to be eligible to get married even if it is to someone who is jobless (Dr Fouzia acted by the beautiful Rehana Saigol)

Popular one-liners:

Kya aap vakaiee main sanjeeda hai, nahi nahi

Ahem Ahem thoiee

Mian Nanhay

Hilarous dialogues:

Bachapan main issay nazar bhar kay nahi dekhti thi (timmy’s mom)

ab bhi koi nahi nazar bhar kay dekhta (maamoo)

gardan ki haddi sahi say jodee nahi, bachpan main ihtiyaat karee hotee toh bachchay ka yeh haal nahi hota (timmy’s mother saying to mobi’s mother when she sees him swaying his head to and fro because of the headphones on his ears and the music that he is listening to)

aisa lagta hai glucose ki drip lagi hui hai aap ki aankhoun main (siraj to the nurse)

lafz hai kay vitamin ki goliyan