Sanam Saeed in Kadurat


Sanam essays a dark role in Kudurat (malice, resentment) and showcases her diverse talent with great relish. As Mina, daughter of a businessman Mahmood (Deepak Perwani), she particularly enjoys tormenting her step-family whom her father acquires after he remarried when Mina’s mother dies. Never reconciling to the fact that there are others who will be sharing her father’s affections, she enlists the help of her friend Shaheen, whom she met when she was studying at a hostel, to torture her step-family that includes step-mother Attiqa (an unconvincing Angeline Malik), step-sister Alina and step-brother Asad. In the beginning they are quite childish when Mina ruins Alina’s birthday celebration initially when she disappears from the house with Shaheen and walks late into the party and then goes on to fake-faint thus diverting everyone’s attention towards her.

Their plans become further sinister when Mina sabotages the relationship of Alina with her fiancé and then contrives a situation in which her father has no choice but to marry her friend Shaheen. After this things go out of control when Mina becomes the victim of Shaheen’s evil designs. But by then nobody is ready to believe Mina and she gets herself into big trouble. Penned by Zoha Hassan, who had earlier written my all time favourite serial Harjaee on Indus TV and starring Atiqa Odho and Faisal Qureshi, has written Mina as a mostly dark role. Sanam Saeed holds her own against the star cast and is convincing when she is at a vulnerable point in her life. As such she does not have a romantic interest but her main love interest is her father who cannot give her full attention so she diverts her attention to various men that surround her but is unable to commit any of them.

Sanam Saeed had earlier played a negative role in Daam, the possessive sister Aamina Sheikh drama and that also was the debut of the Pakistani John Abraham Adeel Hussain in 2010. Sanam played the role of Aamina’s sister in law who manages to marry Adeel Hussain after she breaks up with her fiancé for a flimsy reason. Her marriage to Adeel Hussain is miserable because of her complexes and insecurities. She was fairly subdued here but in Kudurat she fully and successfully channels her dark side.